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The founder Iris Pohl worked in the profession of media, journalism and design for over 25 years, and with such experience witnessed the many different trends and movements that have led parts of this industry to lack true integrity and satisfy individual needs or agendas over the true and rightful use of media to educate, inform and raise our quality of living in society.


In 2016 she and other media, design specialists and like-minded people founded the initiative – LIFE.DESIGN.YOU – to create awareness among the general public, as well as in professional circles, of the deep social effects of our visual communications and our media channels.

We have arrived at a time in our society when the obvious manipulation of media has been pushed to further and further extremes, creating a de-sensitising effect on the general populace and thus now considered as “normal”. From images of unrealistic body shapes and sizes, to the sexualisation of both genders, we are 24/7 surrounded by this visual communication; at home, at work, and in between everywhere we go. Our younger generations and those to come are 100% multi-media consumed, with many parents allowing devices to become the new pacifier or means of education and we have lost the ability to deeply connect.


And hence the inspiration for – LIFE.DESIGN.YOU. Get in contact ...

Iris Pohl

Iris Pohl works with all media types worldwide with more than 20 years of experience in designing and planning major events, video productions and complex corporate identity projects. With her unique media and design consultation business In CoCreation – that specialises in all areas of Audio and Visual Communications – she is renowned for her development of comprehensive visual concepts and consults internationally with any business or project regardless of size in a way that is responsibly managed with unquestioning integrity. 


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